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What, if any, past marketing or branding efforts have been undertaken? Please explain in detail and create a timeline if necessary. *

How would you rate the success of each of these efforts? (5 stars = excellent and 1 star = terrible) *

What are the strengths and weaknesses you associate with the current state of marketing/branding your company? *

In what ways do you hope a revitalized branding effort will impact your business? *

What are the primary financial, planning and development goals of the company this year? In the next 5 years? *

What are your brand's core values and beliefs? *

Brand personality is the description of your brand as if it were a person.How would you describe your brand using keyword descriptors as it were a human personality? (Please list at least 5) *

The following questions will ask you to provide responses based on what you know or understand about your customers. Most businesses have more than one type of customer. However for our purposes, your responses should represent the majority or prevailing view of your customer base.

Develop a customer profile that includes patters or trends you've observed.
- core values and beliefs
- personal and professional goals
- general fears and concerns
- leisure activity
- work activity
- general lifestyle description
- age range
- attitudes and practices of paying for your service/product *

Define your customer's personality in keywords. (Please list at least 10 keywords) *

Do you know where your customers get their information about the services/products you provide? Yes? No? If yes, through what mediums? *

Do you know which of these sources "carry the most weight" for them? Yes? No? If yes, please explain. *

Do you fully understand how customers experience your service/product when using them? Do you know what emotions they experience evokes,how it makes them feel and think? *

Are you aware of any problems customers encounter when they use your service/product? *

Do you know why customers chose your brand over others? *

Do you know why certain prospects chose another brand over your own? *

Do you know which kind of customers are the most valuable to your company? *

Do you understand the decision making process of your customers' organizations and how to reach decision makers? *

Do you know what customers say about your brand when they recommend or discuss it to others? *

How do you receive input from customers on your company's service/product, staff or other issues concerning your relationship with them? *

How do you acknowledge this input from customers? *

Are you satisfied that the current procedure for receiving and responding to customer input is continually deepening your understanding of these customers? *

Have you identified your brand's primary competitors? If yes, please list them below. *

Have you conducted a careful analysis of each of your competitors' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? If so, please provide a basic profile of each competitor that reflects your analysis. *

Do you know where your competitors are most vulnerable? If yes, please explain. *

Do you know how loyal your customers are and why? *

Does someone in your organization track competitor news on a regular basis? *

Do you offer any key benefits that your competitors do not? *

Does your brand promise to fulfill an unmet customer need that is not being served by the competitor? *

Do you know what benefits your competitors' brands own in consumers' minds? *

How soon are you looking to work on your brand? *

What's your budget range for working on your brand? (This helps us to tailor our proposals) *

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